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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Picture 264

Picture 264
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Karma is a bitch. When you chase the neighborhood cats, bad things will happen to you.

Picture 261

Picture 261
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Laid the stain. The picture doesn't really do justice as it turned out pretty good. This was quite the learning experience. I thought the floor was really clean and ready to go, but as soon as I put the stain on, every single speck of paint stepped up to say hi. There was one big spot that wouldn't accept the stain at I had to improvise. All in all, no big deal, except I was up until 2 am doing it.

After staining you have to seal it. The instructions said to use an airless sprayer. So, I did. The sprayer was a complete piece of shit and kept dripping. The drip spots dried instantly and left blue dots everywhere. I had to scrape up the sealer and try another approach.

Instead, I brushed on a really light coating of sealer. It seemed to handle and look a lot better.

It needs another coat of sealer, and eventually a floor buffer and some colored wax. Then I'll do the same procedure in the closets.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

New Job Update

I'm the sort of person who is an instant lover/hater. I make rash and instaneous decisions about things and tend to stick with them. The new job?

Love it.

So far it's very chill but still fun. This is quite good news.

More to come.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Weekend wrap up

Fun weekend.

Friday was the last day at the job. I left early, went and picked up P. and went to the ACL festival. In a stroke of genius, P suggested we take our bikes and ride them to the festival. It was wonderful, a total downhill ride.....we zipped past everyone.

The festival itself was unbearably hot, but fun as we met D. there. I really appreciate hanging out with the boys.

We saw:

1) guster
2) wolf parade
3) gnarls barkley
4) gomez
5) thievery corp

and one other.

After the show, the ride back was hell. I was running on E (that would make a great band name), on my bmx, and it was all uphill. I was home and passed out by 10 pm.

A storm is brewing in the distance. I don't need, Fred is a canine doppler. He starts vibrating 14 minutes prior to the first thunderbolt. It's his superpower.

Song of the day is Misfits - hybrid moments

download it. It's good.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Picture 260

Picture 260
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Almost done with the stripping.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Picture 258
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I'm pretty much unpacked and eager to start destroying stuff. The carpet in the bathroom completely annoys me so it had to go. Ripping it up was no prob, what lies beneath determines the course. I suppose paint underneath is better than linoleum. I've actually sort of done this once before when I was a kid; it was a pain in the ass.

So first things first, I've got to get the rest of the tack strips up (has anyone seen my crowbar? Seriously, I can't find it). Then I have to get the paint up. Last time I used laquer thinner and a floor buffer. I might see if they have something a little milder and try scraping and buffing. I figure it will take a good half day or so to prep the floor and another half to stain it.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

sketchdump 220

sketchdump 220
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Life drawing - 9/10/2006. I'm rusty.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

sketchdump 219

sketchdump 219
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FInally unpacked the art supplies. Shew-wee. Everythings is pretty much unpacked. It's time to start demoing the kitchen.

I went a bought a shit pot load of furniture. It's kind of a drag. I don't like thei idea of buying stuff and not getting to have it for two weeks. I need the instant gratifaction.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

The feral cats

It seems that feeding the WILD cats has not proved to be an ill advised idea. Mornings are my favorite time of the day and I have a little routine established. I turn on some music, shower then start getting ready. Around this time I usually let Freddie Mercury out as it takes him a while to go through his morning doody routine.

This morning being no different, I let him out and returned to the bathroom to brush my teeth. I could hear him barking hysterically. That signalled that he found a cat to chase. The barks quickly turned to shrieks and cries for help. Just last night I was watching a case on the people's court about a pitbull which attacked a neighborhood dog. This was prevalent in my mind so I dashed to the backyard picking up a samurai sword on the way.

I'm standing in the backyard in my underware holding a samurai sword, in my underware, with toothpaste foam surrounding my mouth. Fred runs to me and I see large grey cat sitting on top of the fence.

It's sad to see your dog with tears in his eyes. It's even worse to realize that he got his ass kicked by a cat. We really need to toughen him up. I'm going to teach him to fight.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

real life chat

11:47 AM me: what is it with people p'ing on the seat
i can't even take a dump without a serious fear of staff infections
11:48 AM p: ugh, I saw that this morning
me: and
p: the big stall?
me: yes
so i went to stall 2
p: someone peed all over the place
me: same fucking thing
p: yeah, that pisses me off
me: we have a mad p'er on this floor
p: how hard is it?
me: if i ever catch who is doing it
i'm gonna ninja kick him
and then pee on his head
p: yeah, people who do that are scum
this is a litmus test
11:49 AM me: i can understand the occasional dribble
but wipe that shit up
p: if you piss on the toilet seat all the time
then you're a worthless human being

My new guilty pleasure

Is opening up a can of tuna and taking outside and feeding the 5 wild kitties that live in my yard. I don't really like cats but i want to touch the white one.

I'm secretly scared it will bite me and give me rabies or scratch me and give me staff on my face.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Overheard in my house

This one pretty much owns.

E: So we were at a bar tonight and B went into the bathroom. I guess a real big dude bumped into him and said, "Get the fuck out of my way". B came back to the table, he was all nervous and wanted to leave. You know that shit just doesn't fly, so I told B we should go over and talk to him. B just said, no, I just want to leave. I told B that we had to do something for revenge. I suggested on the way out telling the waitress that the big dude was blowing another guy in the bathroom.

R: Serious? That's brilliant.

E: So on the way out everyone is all real quiet, then B says, "Hold up. I gotta talk to the waitress". He grabbed her, point and said i need to lodge a complaint. I walked into the bathroom and saw that big guy there blowing another guy. The waitress says, "WHAT??" and immediately starts heading over to them. We immediately bolted.

R: That is devious. You need to come up with situations like that more often.

E: Yeah, I'm pretty good at it. Can you imagine how embarressed that guy was when a waitress walks up and asks him about. When people fuck with you, you have to fuck with them back twice as hard.

R: Um yeah. I ate your brownies. I'll pay you back. Don't do anything to me.