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Monday, November 28, 2005


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Some charcoal.


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Another one from life drawing yesterday. She had shaggy hair.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

sketchdump 179

sketchdump 179
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It's windy here. I took out the trash earlier, then went back outside to get some shite out of the truck. The trash bin had blown open, and was now randomly spread across the old lady next door's yard. She doesn't like us anyway. Now, she really won't.

A few months ago the ac broke and we had to call in stupid for reinforcements. You would think we would learn to change the goddamn filter, but no. It was frozen again today.

R: "Do we have any clean filters?"
E: "Um. I was 'sposed to go buy some a few months ago."
R: "Did you?"
E: "Um. No. Just hit the dirty one against the wall."
R: "Fuck"

So off I went to home depot, on a Sunday, to get filters. I hate home depot on Sundays. It's filled with men buying shit, and their wives walking behind them bossing them around. It is demeaning to the male gender.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

sketchdump 177

sketchdump 177
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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

D.C. cab.

Picture 008
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I'm in D.C. this week for work. D.C. is sort of, kind of cool, but it's not really for me. Here is how the week has gone down so far.

I left Sunday at around 3 pm and got to the airport. Equipped with ample reading material I sat down and awaited the upcoming direct flight. Immediately, my space was invaded by a power mom in a power yoga track suit and her four urchins. Power mom was directing her urchins in a loud and constant manner. It was annoying, so I moved out of earshot.

The plane began boarding and a nervous lump formed in my throat in anticipation of my seat assignment. You know, who you sit next to is critical.

GASP! I was seated next to power mom and her urchins. Drat. I knew that would happen. I endured 3 hours of conversation such as this:

PM: Gavin, your the best reader in your class. I just know it. Your teacher says you just need to work on your reading skills. (This means Gavin is dumb, dumb, dumb).

G: Mommy, your ugly. (Yes!!! Rock on Gavin)

PM: Gavin, you really need to concentrate on your studies, I just know your the smartest boy in your class.

G: How do you know?

PM: I'm a mom. I just know these things. Being a mom is hard job you know, it's the hardest job in the world.

G: No, being a doctor or lawyer is harder. I have to poop.

As we were in the deplaning process, I think Gavin pooped his pants. At least he smelled like he did.

I moved on to baggage to collect big blue (pictured above). All of the people gathered at the mouth of the luggage ejector. Quickly, I moved to the opposite end, hence avoiding the crowd. The people crowd began to contort there faces and snicker. My first thought was that a clown was ejected from the mouth. Then I saw big blue heading my way. They were laughing at my luggage.

You think it would be cool to have a unique suitcase, but it was real heavy. I ended up kicking it or dragging through the airport. Everyone stared. I think for the next trip i will bolt some big ass wheels to it. You know, like wheels from a wheel chair. In fact, it would be very cool if your luggage was motorized and you just ride it the airport exit. Sort of like a segway, except blue.

So anyways, my hotel is a few blocks from the pentagon. Everyone seems old and they are wearing frumpy suits. This sparked my fear of frumpiness and I felt the need to exercise. It was time for a swim, which led to my first awkard moment of the trip.

I roll up to the rooftop pool and it is deserted minus the one 14-ish looking lifegaurd who was casually reading a teen magazine. I was obligated to swim at this time as I had already entered the room, but really, it just made me feel creepty. It sort of felt like that SNL skit where Jim Carrey is a lifegaurd. 30 laps later I went back to my room.

Last night was stellar, I met some friends who live here and we went to dupont circle for drinks drinks and dinner.

I guess that's all.

Monday, November 07, 2005


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I hated the eyes and lips. Seriously, it was vehement hate, so, I have decided to improve them, and make them really big.

I love big eyes.

I was driving to the gym tonight and glanced over at the car next to me. Throught it's windows I saw a saggy headliner. Have you ever had one? I have. In fact, most vehicles my family ever owned had one.

Do you know what I am talking about? It 's the carpet on the roof the car. As it ages, it starts to droop a little. Then, as you roll your windows down, it gets the willy woops. For awhile, you get the brilliant idea of putting thumbtacks in it to hold it up. You'll find out a week later that they fall out as you sit on one.

Eventually, you'll go mad with anger and rip the whole thing off. Then, for the rest of your life, little pieces of headliner glue will fall into your hair and about your automobile.

If this happens to you, don't bother trying to fix it. Instead, firebomb your automobile and collect the insurance money. It's easier.

Goodnight. I'm off to grill cheeseburgers, watch professional wrestling, and paint big big eyes.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

bling. bling.

Picture 002
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Being the sort of guy with a gender neutral, unpronouncable name, I was never able to get a cool vanity plate, key chain, or belt buckle with my name on it. This was the topic of conversation a few weeks back.

Check out this gem. It is perhaps one of the coolest gifts I have ever received. It is the bling bling of all belt buckles.

If I was a gangsta rapper, I would have it made into a big necklace. However, I'm not, so a belt buckle will suffice.

Riding in jeeps with dogs

Karms's a bitch, but when it works out in your favor it is sweet.

Let me explain. The tattoed brother is a screamer. When faced with a diaboliqual situation he tends to yell. Being a witness to this for nearly 26 years, I am immune to the effects and tend to laugh instead.

E: What are you doing tonight?

R: Goin' to see Capote. What about you?

E: I am going over the brothers Phat house to watch mixed martial arts. Do you think I should take Fred?

R: Yeah! He would love to go play.

E: Ok.

(He gathers up the orange dog and leaves). I should note, Fred's track record in vehicles is not so good. He's sort of like B.A. Barracus. You need to medicate him in order to travel in an effecient manner.

About 20 minutes pass and I hear the roar of the jacked up jeep fly into the driveway. The doors opens and slams and Fred immediately runs under my bed breathing so heavily the entire bed shakes.

I walk out to dicern what is amiss.

R: What happened? Did he get freeky deeky?

E: THat motherfucker was goin' apeshit in the truck. I yelled at him and he pissed all over the front seat. I started yellin at him sore more and he shit in the backseat and then stepped in it and tracked it all over the truck.

I immediately fall to the ground laughing.

E: It's not funny!!!!! (More yelling ensues)

R: So you essentially scared the shit out of him?

E: Not funny.

It took nearly 24 hours for the canine to recover from the afore mentioned events.

She's got a sunburn.

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First try at the flesh tones. It's safe to say that there will be second try.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Manly shopping lists.

I stopped at Walgreens to pick up a few supplies today. The Walgreens, conveniently located two blocks from my suburban style ranch home with unmowed grass is used for quick/emergency shopping only. They are all about the impulse purchases there, which, is hard for me to resist.

Anyway. It took only a few minutes to gather my items and I approached the checkout line. Hmm.. 4 deep. No other cashier, I'm forced to wait. DRAT! The medium sized man in front of me placed his items on the counter. I duly inspected his shopping list, trying to size him up. 1 pack of razor blades. 1 box of rubbers.

God damn. That's a manly shopping list.

If he would have had a box of bullets or a bag of 16 penny nails I would have dropped right there and swore allegiance to him.

I placed my items on the counter next his. 1 tube of pore cleansing skin astringent. 1 box of crayola crayons. "This is bad.", I thought to myself.

At this point I'm a little ashamed. I sheepishly looked up and saw that he was examing my shopping list. Bastard!

I grabbed a box of batteries and threw onto the counter. HAHA!

That evens up the playing field a little.

He checked out with the look of a man that was about to have some freshly shaved face sex.

At least my skin will feel clean when I'm coloring tonight.