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Friday, July 30, 2004

One of my favorite bands

Official Mary Prankster Website

A few years ago, using napster, i found out about a singer/songwriter from the Baltimore area name Mary Prankster. Her music can best be described as cow punk, its a little country, a little punk, and a lot of foul mouthed swearing :)

Check it out, I recommend "Tits and Whiskey"

The digital cam pic is coming out kind of badly, so I fooled with it in photoshop to get rid of some of the glare. This looks a little better.... Posted by Hello

Still a work in process, added some detail to the ladies face, a light glaze and glasses, next up will be white glaze coat on the fence, and then red diagonal stripes Posted by Hello

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Office Space revisited

Today I lived office space.  The corporate audit team came in and interviewed us one by one.  I was the last to go in. 
It sucked ass! 
I get REALLY nervous when shit like this goes down.  I talk really, fast, and start revealing information that I shouldn't reveal.  They asked questions like, "How many hours do you work a week?".  "Do you ever work from home?"

 Call me paranoid, but that shit makes me nervous.   I think getting laid off does that to you.

I am forever scarred psychologically, yet I am only 26 years old.  

In other news, maybe I will start looking for a new job.........

Ruel Loehr's Blog

Just a test....

The good Reverend Sharpton, he is truly an unbelievable speaker. Don't believe me? Listen to this:

Al's speech

Al rocked the democratic convention last night, in what was one of the best speeches so given so far. I truly hope he will join the Cabinet at some point in the future.

In other news, flies have invaded my home. We slayed no less than 234 house flies last night. Our personal discovery is that a vacuum cleaner makes a great execution tool for the little bastards.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

So my latest project at work has me writing code to customize a huge software package IBM sells. Everything is on a remote AIX box, and is written in C++. My brain is churning trying to remember the easiest way to do this shite. So far I am kicking cygwin on my xp laptop, and using remote emacs to get to the files. It feels strangely comfortable, like reuiniting with an old girlfriend.
I miss college. It was so much more fun than working.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

orange Posted by Hello

a doodle Posted by Hello

work in progress Posted by Hello

pastel again Posted by Hello

fred chillin Posted by Hello

pastel Posted by Hello

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bedroom Posted by Hello

kitchen Posted by Hello

kitchen Posted by Hello

more living room Posted by Hello

Inside che loehr Posted by Hello

living room Posted by Hello

Home sweet home Posted by Hello

Done with markers and pastels Posted by Hello

A sketch I colored in photoshop Posted by Hello

A self portrait done last year... Posted by Hello

Close up of the tounge girl Posted by Hello

3 girls I painted last winter. I like the one with the tounge the best. Posted by Hello

I am a bad blogger, so I am going to try to catch up.  

New news:

I now live in Austin Tx.  
I can't wait until November to vote.
I work for IBM again (since march)
I am going to upload all of my paintings here, as well as other cool stuff I encounter along the way.

I found a listing in the austin chronicle about a vintage flea market on Sunday.  I am oh so there.

quote of the day:
It's not about being liberal, it is about recognizing the obvious.



One of my latest paintings. This is an almost finished version.  Posted by Hello