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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The throw from third to first.

I have a mild case of ocd. For example at ll pm at night I realize I cannot find my cell phone. Some people this wouldn't phase, but not me. So I'm running around the house in the undies trying to find it. Oh wait! I think it's in my truck. Since it is 11 pm and all I think it is safe to make a made dash to the truck underwear style.


I open the door and take two steps out. I hear voices.


4 people standing in the street looking at me.

I do the only reasonable thing I can. Dash inside.

I'm suddenly deluged with a memory:

Halloween night 1994. All the boys stayed at my house. We snuck out to lay mayhem upon the town, somewhere along the way we found a half gallon whiskey in the back of a pickup. We all become drunk, some of us get injured and we make our way around 3 or 4 in the morning.

Standing on the front porch is my dad in his tight whities pointing at the door.

"Get in the house"



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