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Saturday, December 22, 2007

the saw is family

My backyard is overrun with little trees and cutting them down has been on the to do list for a while. I stopped at the depot and picked up a little chainsaw to do the task.

Chainsaws and I go way back to the white trash days. I spent the better part of my youth washing them off and maintaining them at the rental store. My body even bears the bite of a saw, right above the knee. Yes, it is manly to have a chainsaw scar. One of the trees I cut down fell on the neighbors's ok, they weren't home and didn't break anything but it reminded me of this time........

Do you remember the movie a christmas story where the dad blows up while he was working on the furnace? We had this huge tree in the backyard growing up that had died. My dad, who hated doing home stuff was finally nagged into cutting it down. We gathered in the backyard to watch and I distinctly remember my brother saying, don't drop it on the patio furniture.

The saw fired up and he began cutting, minutes later the familiar cracking of wood took place and the tree began to fall. In fact, in mere seconds it collapsed directly onto the patio furniture.

Immediately, we fell to the ground in a fit of laughter. You can imagine how well over this went. His face turned red, he threw down the saw and walked off.

Kids are truly assholes.

I suppose thats better than doing something crazy like using a chainsaw to cut the sofa in half.


Anonymous mom said...

The rest of that story is that after your dad cut the sofa into with a chain saw, in the house, my mother told me I might want to take great care to not make him mad at me! Maybe you did have a white trash childhood, but what good memories of home and hearth. Mom

5:43 PM


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